SMTP Professional ActiveX (1.4.7483)
Complete version for send email from Windows application.


It supports protocols SMTP and ESMTP.
SMTP ActiveX sends e-mail using the protocols SMTP/ESMTP allowed by all the it systematizes of services of electronics mail. SMTP ActiveX allows the authentication and it allows Your application to specify username and password if it is in demand from Your system of service of electronics mail. SMTP ActiveX has been made a will with the most popular systems SMTP to assure a greater compatibility.


It supports e-mail of text and HTML.
SMTP ActiveX allows Your application to create and to send e-mail of text or HTML. The e-mails HTML will have (in automatic way) the part of only text in case the recipient doesn't support the e-mails HTML.


It supports e-mails HTML with incorporated images.
SMTP ActiveX facilitates the creation of e-mail HTML to tall visual impact with incorporated images. The recipients won't have to wait for the I unload of images from the web. You can incorporate all the images in the e-mail to create a professional letter.


Unlimited number of the Attachments.
SMTP ActiveX allows Your application to send e-mail with multiple enclosures of any dimension. SMTP ActiveX has been made a will with more than 100 enclosures for a total dimension of 30 MB.


It allows progressive the control of the sending.
SMTP ActiveX produces events of progress during the sending of the e-mail, so Your application can know how much byte they have been expeditious and how much they miss of it. This characteristic is very useful to check the state of the consignment when great quantities of e-mail or great dimensions are sent. It also allows to stop the dispatch in an any moment.

Download Ver. Professional
778 Kb

With both the versions is possible however to create mail messages provessional, both HTML and simple text, but the version Professional it allows the compilation of the images inside the Body of the email in automatic way, while with the standard version you should compile her in base64.